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Internet freedom of speech-resolution

Posted by Harry Bang on October 1, 2015 at 10:20 AM

Draft resolution

Topic: Internet freedom of speech

Signatories: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Republic of France, Republic of Canada, United Mexican states, Republic of Portugal


The general assembly,


Reaffirming the paramount importance of internet freedom of speech in society, education, and workplaces can help achieve net neutrality, human rights, and solve international conflicts between nations,


Recognizing permitting people to access on internet is infringing their human rights, can be a cause of second Arab spring,


Trying to support the goal’s of UNHRC of freedom to speak in internet and giving keys to solve international conflicts between permitting and non-permitting nations,


Welcoming that UN and the world is recognizing the dangerousness of permitting people to access on internet and trying have advises,


1. Urges for International Organizations to show present actions,

a) Sending experts to inspect the local situation of particular nations,

b) selecting how to solve internet problems in particular nations according to the reports of experts,

c) educating people that internet freedom is a symbol of human rights so it shouldn’t be infringed,


2. Also urges nations to try solving current issues,

a) Giving ideas and keys to solve the goals of UNHRC,

b) executing all tasks domestic that should be solved to support internet freedom of speech,

c) All the member states in the signatories, without exception must promise to participate

actively in the informal session, sharing the opinions and information of the issue of internet freedom of speech and eliminating all tasks related to permitting people access on internet, and the civil society and UN will mitigate current problems both domestic and international,


The delegate of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its signatories sincerely affirm its position of the internet freedom of speech,


Thank you.








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