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9/24 Essay

Posted by Tina on September 24, 2015 at 5:55 AM

Title: What would be your future name card? And why do you want to be what your future name card tells? Why do you think you are suitable for that position? What efforts would be needed? Who would be your role models for that role?

First question is what would be your future name card. Name card we write what job is now I’m doing, and one’s company, or career. In future, I want to be a surgeon. Because I really wanted to cure people who are sick or poor. Also I think curing people is very valuable thing to do. I chose surgeon because I like to see inside of animals or humans. Also I don’t want to be a psychiatrist. Because I need to cure people who have mental illness when I become psychiatrist. Also in this paragraph, there is reason for question number two.

Third question is ‘Why do you think you are suitable for that position?’. Because I think I am good at studying. We need lots of efforts at school, or academy studying when I need to be a surgeon. Also we need to take very long period to be every kind of doctor. And I have good grade at school, so when I make more effort in studying, then I can achieve my dream. Also in this paragraph, there is reason for question number four.

Fifth question is ‘Who would be your role models for that role?’. I think my role model can be Albert Schweitzer or Chang Kee-ryo. Because they are very legendary doctor in world. Also they made effort at curing poor people and sick people. Albert Schweitzer went to Africa and cured other sick people. They called him a magician. Because they thought he is a magician who can cure other peoples’ disease. Also Chang Kee-ryo lived in North Korea, but leave North Korea, because he had a dream that he want to become a doctor. Sometimes he just let people who don’t have hospital bills. Many one said “Why are you doing that kind of crazy things?” or “Stop!!”. But Chang Kee-ryo didn’t stop for donation.

For conclusion, I will be surgeon, and in my name card, there will be stuff that says that I am a surgeon. Also I will thing Albert Schweitzer and Chang Kee-ryo is role model. And I won’t give up, and try hard to achieve my dream!


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