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9/17 Essay

Posted by Tina on September 17, 2015 at 4:25 AM

Topic : Who do you dislike the most? What is the best thing about that person?

Someone I dislike the most is my class friend. He is boy, and very good at annoying people. His nickname is monkey, and his real name is Sang Won Kim. He is very shameless, and good at curse.

I think there is not many good thing at him, but there is 1~2 things that he is good about. He is good at physical exercise. Also he is a little good at solving math questions. Also his has good eye sight. There are few things that he is good at, but his best thing is physical exercise.

Because he has always good grade at physical exercise.(but girls doesn’t like him.) His best thing at physical exercise is running. He is so fast. So he always annoys girls with running skills. He is very mischievous boy, so he says provoking words to girls, and run away. Girls tried to say it to teacher, but he is so shameless. But everyone admit that he is good at physical exercise.

Also he has very good eye sight. He didn’t do dream lens, but his eye sight is 1.0, and 1.5. My eye sight is so bad, so I am so envious at it. He doesn’t wear glasses. I am so envious at it, too. Because I wear glasses, and it is so uncomfortable.

I think he has some of good things and his best thing is physical exercise.


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