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Resolution_Combating racism

Posted by Harry Bang on September 12, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Topic: Combating racism

Signatories: Federal Republic of Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Republic of Chad, Republic of Togo, Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Algeria


The General Assembly,


Reaffirming the paramount importance of total elimination of racism and racial discrimination in society, education, and workplaces can help achieve global peace, solving international conflict and giving same chances to everyone,


Recognizing racism can affect people penalties in education, workplaces and even ruin people whole family and society,


Trying to support the goal’s of SOCHUM of combating racism and giving keys to solve the global issue called racism and racial discrimination,


Welcoming that the world is recognizing the dangerousness of racism and racial discrimination and trying to make a solution to solve them,


1. Urges for international workers to show actions worldwide,

a) Establishing new International organizations that can substitute the function of old one,

also called as UNCERD,

b) United Nations must send international supervisors to all nations to check the

situation of nations’ racism and racial discrimination;

c) Making remaining IOs like UNICEF to give educations to developing countries for the

purpose of prevention of racism and racial discrimination;


2. Also urging all nations to solve the domestic problem,

a) Eliminating all the remaining remarks of racism and racial discrimination even though it


b) Executing people who discriminated people with race or educate children to

discriminate other races;

c) All the member states in the signatories, without exception must promise to participate

actively in the informal session, Sharing the opinions and information of the issue of

racism and racial discrimination, and the civil society and UN will mitigate current problems both domestic and international.



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