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PP_Combating racism

Posted by Harry Bang on September 12, 2015 at 10:25 AM

PCL Model United Nations

By Hee won bang (Harry B)


Federal republic of Nigeria

Permanent representatives to the United Nations

Agenda: Combating racism


Thank you honorable chairs and fellow delegates, the delegate of Nigeria believes racism and racial discrimination is a big global problem that world should solve. As the effect of globalization, world is being closer than before. People are able to communicate with SNS and meet people abroad in the internet. However, due to the side effect of globalization, racism starts to appear. After globalization, people started to know that there are many races all around the world. Therefore, people think that their race is better than others and they start to discriminate people with race. This situation is not only few countries’ problem. Racism and racial discrimination is a global issue due to globalization. Regarding these issues, SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural committee) selected one of its main goals on combating racism. In the 1980s, Nigeria’s military government killed lots of different races and tribes. Even though military government had expelled from society, Nigeria people cannot forget about the nightmare of racism in 1980s by military government. Also regarding these information, the delegate of Nigeria is going to suggest some solutions both domestic and international.


The delegate of Nigeria’s domestic solution that can support SOCHUM’s goal is eliminating all the marks of racial discrimination. In the 1980s, lots of tribes and different races were killed after the military government assumed political power. Especially lots of tribes were killed because their race was different with others. Even though military government lost its power since 2000s, lots of tribes and minority races disappeared. Before the holocaust of tribes, there was a war called as Biafra war, also called as Nigeria civil war. One of the main causes of the war was racial conflict and racism. Even though about 20 year was passed after two major race conflicts, Nigeria people cannot forget about the race conflict that lots of people died. Regarding the domestic situation of Nigeria, the delegate of Nigeria will try to execute the leaders of military government who ordered to kill races and tribes back in 1980s. Also, Nigeria government will try to make laws that punish people who ever discriminates people with race. The punishment of racism and racial discrimination will be very severe. Also, Nigeria will apply budgets for the education of anti-racism. Nigeria expects in 20 years, racism will be disappeared. Nigeria is going to suggest this policy to African nations if this succeeds.


The international solution that the delegate of Nigeria is going to suggest is establishing new IOs that take role in racial discrimination. Lots of people know how serious racial problem is. However, people don’t know what IOs take charge on solving racial discrimination. There is an IO called UNCERD (United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) that takes in charge on the elimination of racial discrimination. However, people don’t know what UNCERD do and how much power that it has. The reason is that UNCERD is now well known by people. Regarding this situation, the delegate of Nigeria strongly believes that there should be new IOs that can substitute the function of UNCERD. Nigeria is going to suggest this solution to UN to establish new IO that can substitute the function of UNCERD.


Nigeria government wants to encourage other nations, especially nations with racial problem like U.S. and South Africa, to cooperate with the global problem called racism. Like Nigeria, lots of Nations have suffered from racism. In U.S., black people have some disadvantages than White people. Also, South Africa has experienced apartheid, and now there are some marks remained in South Africa’s society. As Nigeria and Nations like U.S., South Africa were suffered from racism, the delegate of Nigeria strongly appeals Nations that experienced racism to cooperate with the solution that Nigeria wants to appeal.


The delegate Nigeria strongly believes making domestic policies and establishing new IO that can substitute the function of UNCERD can support the main goal of SOCHUM, combating racism. Also, Nigeria wants to appeal other nations to cooperate with the solution of that Nigeria is going to suggest.

The delegate of Nigeria sincerely affirms its position of the elimination of racism and racial discrimination.


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