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PP-Combating Racism

Posted by LEE JUNE MO on September 9, 2015 at 7:20 AM

Republic of South Africa

Permanent representatives to the United Nations


Topic: Combating Racism



Racism and racial discrimination has long been a social ill that undermines world peace, human rights, and economic development. Millions of people become victims of racism and discrimination every year, and poses a serious threat on maintaining a peaceful committee. South Africa is very related with racism and racial discrimination. The apartheid was the most terrible racial discrimination in the world. It makes many black people suffered from the discrimination. The apartheid has had a profound impact on interfering with the delivery of basic services to citizens. South Africa has tried to eliminate racism and racial discrimination like the apartheid. However, there are many obstacles that interfere combating racism. Still, many Boer(Afrikaner) trying to discriminate black people. With the effort of president Nelson Mandela, the apartheid was ended, and black people could be guaranteed their basic rights. Nevertheless, racial discrimination is continuing even though there are many law that ban the racism. South africa recognizes that we need international cooperation to combat the racism.


To combat racism and discrimination, South Africa eliminated apartheid policy. With the elimination, laws or articles that separate and discriminate the blacks were removed, and society system was changed. However, society system is the thing which only changed. People’s minds don’t be changed. The people of South Africa accustomed into that apartheid, the society has changed but people don’t want to be changed. Law can’t change the people’s mind and their point of view. It seems almost impossible without international cooperation, to solve all of that problem and combat the racism.


World must need international cooperation to change people’s mind. South Africa would like to suggest that cooperation the USA, Australia, South Africa and many other countries which have racism problems. Media and education are the most powerful thing that could change the people’s mind. South Africa suggests to establish the new specialized-organization to produce media to change people’s mind and control the education system. Also, South Africa suggests that many other countries to make fund and give aid to the people who discriminate because of their race, through the HRC(human rights council). South Africa appeals to international society to participate and aid the project.


Recognizing the education and the media are hard part that impossible to do without international society’s help, South Africa calls international supports in education, media and psychological clinic field. South Africa sincerely affirms its position to engage activities to combat racism. South Africa would like to reemphasize that world should be the one, to eliminate racism and discrimination.

South Africa closes this position paper with the following quote by the president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world, remove racism, and racial discrimination.”

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