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Essay on Sep 3

Posted by Tina on September 4, 2015 at 9:05 AM

Title: If you could choose any bedtime you wanted for the next year, what time would you pick?

I think I would pick 10:30. Because I always sleep at 10:15, so when I sleep at 10:00, than I am not sleepy and I don’t want to sleep. And when I become 5th grade, than I will have more home works than now. I need to solve more math questions, than now. And I will have more English home works, too. Also my 5th grade teacher will give more school home works, too. So I need sleep later than now. But I think sleeping at 10:30 is very great. Because some of my friends sleep at 12:00 now. Some friends even sleep at dawn. They have lots of home works now, too. When thy go to 5th grade, than their parents will make them to study more.

For second reason, I need to sleep before 11:00. Because I am not good at suppressing sleep. I can suppress hunger, but it is very hard to suppress sleep. Also the book tells growth hormone is very vitalize secrete between 10:00~2:00. So when we go to bed after that time, than it is hard to grow a lot.

For last reason, it is hard to study at school. When I sleep so late, than it is very tiring during the class time. Also I can’t concentrate what to the word what teacher said. And I can’t focus in class, and other things occurs to one’s mind.

In conclusion, when it becomes next year, than I will sleep at 15 minutes later, in 10:30. Because It is good to my health, and I can suppress sleep after that time.

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