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Climate change

Posted by Ji woo on September 1, 2015 at 9:10 AM

Some people are concerned that global warming could harm plant and animal communities and human societies, other people believe that there is little to worry about it. Old photographs provide additional evidence that Earth's surface is warming. Evidence indicates that ice around the North and South poles is also melting. Because of the melting Arctic Ocean ice, the survival of polar bears may be at risk. Many polar bears are not getting enough to eat, and some may be drowning. Researches with the United Nations have reported that the average sea level around the world has risen by at least 4 inches (10cm) since the early 1900s.


Main ideas

The main human activity blamed for global warming is the burning of fossil fuels( coal, oil, natural gas) in automobiles, factories and electric power plants. The gases let much of the energy of sunlight pass through the air to warm Earth's surface. Carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases that trap heat are called green house gases. The greenhouse effect is a natural part of how Earth functions.Humans began burning fossil fuels in large amounts when industrialization became widespread in the mid-1800s. Another human activity that has increased the carbon dioxide in the burning and cutting down of forests, or deforestation. Global warming and global cooling happened over and over before people started burning fossil fuels. In between these ice ages have been warm periods


One way to know is by studying growth rings in cross-sections of very old trees. Varying over time are the shape of Earth's orbit around the sun and the angle of the tilt that Earth makes on its axis. One of the main ways that scientists try to predict the future of climate change is by using computer models. These are computer programs based on mathematical equations about sunlight,heat,rainfall,wind,oceab currents, and otherclimate factors. Computer models are most useful for helping researchers learn several possible results of climate change. However, predictions made with computer models are not certain. Large increases in Earth's surface temperature could cause vast amounts of ice on Antarctica and Greenland to melt into the sea. Earth's surface temperature affects the effects the weather in many complex ways. Computer models predict that weather in different parts of the world would be affected by continued warming in different ways. Changing weather caused by global warming might also mean more hurricanes,tornadoes,snowstorms, or droughts-depending on where a person lives. Warmer weather could mean more disease. Because of the serious effects that climate change might have on human society and wildlife habitats,governments around the world are working on this problem.

The green house gas reductions have to be great enough to reach certaun dates depending on the country Wind power uses moving air.

Solar power uses sunlight. Nuclear power is another way to produce energy that does not emit greenhouse gases but nuclear power produces dangerous wastes.

The best way to remove some greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is by planting more trees.

The member states of should control the development. and UN make laws about control the develop

Because The main human activity blamed for global warming is the burning of fossil fuels( coal, oil, natural gas) in automobiles, factories and electric power plants. Even now the human destroy the Earth. It is bad to large increases in Earth's surface temperature. so UN and member states control the develop

other way is the we use green energy and then Earth's surface temperature will decrease. so I think member states should control the development or we use green energy.

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