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Martin Luther King

Posted by Ji woo on September 1, 2015 at 9:05 AM

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 15, 1929.

In South, African Amerucans had always lived under laws that were unfair to them.

During the Civil war, President Abraham Lincoln granted freedom to slaves by passing a special law.

But even though black people were freed from slavery. Sothern lawmakers passed new laws to keep them separated, or segregated, from white people.

These laws, deprived blacks of many rights. African Americans were suffering from not having equal rights. Many of them were poor and could not find jobs.

Martin wanted to help African American people gain full freedom and civil rights. Martin had read about Mohandas Gandhi, the great leader from India. He dicided that he, too, wanted to use peaceful,nonviolend ways to help people.

In 1954, the United states supreme court ruled that schools could no longer be segregated, or divided, by race. With this important ruling, African Americans bacame very hopeful that they could change society.

Martin and other leaders encouraged people to work together peacefully to win civil rights for evergyone, no matter their race or religion. A black women named rosa parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. She was arrested.

The black citizens of the city were outraged, and they decided to protest. This kind of protest, in which people refuse to participate in something in order to force a change, is called a boycott. It is peaceful means of protest.

Martin became the leader of the Montgomery bus boycott. Soon after that victory, the supreme court ruled that Alabama could no longer segregate riders on buses.

Courageous blacks started to test the unfair laws of segregation.While the blacks sat in their seats, angry whites often pushed or beat them.

But in time, the sit-ins were successful. The next year, a group of black and white Americans called the Freedom Riders rode together on buses through the Southern states.

They wanted to test the new law banning segregation. Finally, the federal goverment in Washington, D.C, sent in 500 u.s troops to put a stop to the violence.

In April 1963, Martin led the famous Birmingham March to stop segregation in the city. The marchers were sprayed with high- pressure fire houses. Many were seriously injured.

More than 3000 African Americans were arrested and jailed. it brought more attention to the need for equal rights for all people.President Kennedy said it was time for all citizens to be free.

More than 250000black and white Americans walked from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. They marched for freedom, rights, and dignity for all people. He shared his dream that one day,

people of all colors would live together peacefully and be free at last from Judgment or mistreatment because of their skin color. The next struggle for blacks was for voting rights. In 1968, Martin planned a Poor People's campaign.

The goal was to get better homes, schools, and jobs for African Americans. He is remembered as a man of peace and a champion of rights and freedom for people of every color.

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