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No. 20

Posted by Ian on August 24, 2015 at 6:40 AM

If you could choose any bedtime you wanted for the next year, what time would you pick?


I mostly sleep at about 10:30, and I chose that time because most of my friends sleep about that time. Also my parent wanted me to sleep at 10:30. But sometimes I sleep at about 00:00 because when I start reading I can’t stop it. My parent doesn’t like me when I do that. But I can’t help it. But it is just that they don’t like me going to bed lately but they like me having fun reading books. All members of our family like reading books and that includes me, but these days kids don’t like reading books. They even think reading books too much is not normal. In Singapore, reading books in the library was very normal and the library was always busy but Korea’s school library it is so quiet. So I sleep kind of late when I read books.

I think I would choose 11 o’clock PM for bed time. Bed time doesn’t mean you have to sleep at the time exactly. For example I can also sleep a 5 o’clock if I want if I choose 11 o’clock. Anyway the reason why I chose that time is because I can read books more than before. I also like playing with my dad, and mostly my dad comes late after work. So I want to play with dad before sleeping or maybe sleep together with my dad so I want to sleep a little bit more lately. I get insomnia for instance after doing MUN because of the blue-light from the computer. So I need some time. If I can choose my bedtime next year, than I would choose 11.


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