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Posted by Ji woo on August 22, 2015 at 10:55 AM


Hydroelectric Power


Water is widely used to produce electricity water from the lake released through the bottom of dam. It called turbines.

Electricity made at dams is called hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric dams produce about 20 percent of the world's electricity.


Solar energy


Sunlight carries huge amounts of energy. Particles in the solar cell move faster, and the movement of these particles creates electricity. New ways to capture this energy are being developed all the time to maximize efficiency. There are two main problems with solar cells. One is that they are very expensive to manufacture.

The second problem is that not all areas of the world get abundant sunlight.

Some peole believe the look of the solar systems will decrease the values of their homes


Nuclear Power


Nuclear power plants unlock the energy inside atoms to generate electricity.

The energy released by breaking apart uranium atoms is used to heat water into steam. one kilogram of uranium can produce more energy than 3 million kilograms of coal. Many people oppose nuclear power because of its dangers. One danger is the possibility of an accident. A second danger is the waste material nuclear power plants produce. It remains dangerous for thousands of years.L

Looking to the future


In years to come, we will have to find substitutes for oil.

Hydroelectric power may also be replaced, too.

The use of solar energy will probably continue to grow.

Energy experts also say that more nuclear power plants will have to be built to meet growing energy needs.

Wind turbines generate electricity when their blades turn in the wind.

Two things are certain. We need energy, and the fossil fuels that supply most of our energy will not last forever.Each new source of energy will have its pros and cons. Goverments ,business,and environmentalists will continue to debate which energy sources are best while our need for energy continues to grow.

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