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Title: What un have to do for global access to fair electricity service?

Posted by Ji woo on August 22, 2015 at 10:45 AM

Title: What un have to do for global access to fair electricity service?



World electricity supply problem is that gap between rich countries and poor countries. Because, first, 20% of the world’s richest countries use 86% of energy but 20% of world poorest countries only use 1.3% or maybe less energy.

Second, 2011, United Nation's developed plan's multidimensional Poverty Index

16 hundreds mililon and 5000 population in the poverty. so we didn't solve poverty problems. and we should solve poverty problems and world electricity supply.

Third, United Nations security general said " Developing countries are increasingly sources of global ecoonomic growth." "The wealth gap is growing" and we don't solve energy supply problems became, the developing countries don't develop and It is bad to global economy.


I want to say the solution about this problem.

First solution is the richest countries use energy less. and then much of remainder energy for porest countries. Second solution is we use energy wisely and clean, efficient, affordable, and reliable energy systems apply in the reality. These solutions apply in the reality during long time. but i think we can solve this problem.

Second, We development an alternative energy source. Example, hydroelectric energy, solar energy, nuclear energy anything else. and we make much of energy. But development an alternative energy is coast a lot of money. So UN help the development an alternative energy. and We make a lot of energy. We use energy by a wide margin. Richest contries can use energy and Developing contries can use energy. and If We don't help the Poorest contries. and It is big problem in the global economy. so we must help developing contries, and poorest contries.


United Nation's help


United Nation promote sustainable development. So, United Nation helps development an alternative energy source. In detail, the UN pay to alternative energy source. and UN have to energy supply wisely.

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