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pp: What un have to do for global access to fair electricity service?

Posted by Grace Seo on August 22, 2015 at 2:55 AM



Topic: What un have to do for global access to fair electricity service?


Electricity is very important to us. Electricity is used to agriculture, factory, and many times. But there are not many energy in the world because people use a lot of energy and electricity. So we should think the new way of producing energy.

I think the most serious problem is the 20% of the world’s richest countries use 86% of energy but 20% of world poorest countries only use 1.3% or maybe less energy. So I think the solution that UN can do it for people is first, give money to many poor countries in the world and who can't use energy. Then the poor people can use energy enough, and they will not hungry to use energy. And second solution is advice to many countries that make an effort to develop and use green energy. For example, there are solar energy, wind power generation, and hydroelectric power, etc. If UN advice like that and many countries use green energy, then people can use more energy than before. So the UN should advice and give money to poor country and people.

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