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Posted by phil on August 21, 2015 at 6:30 AM

today I will talk about MUN. first I will tell you PCL MUN entity mandate. second, our history, third my develop history. at last what I learn in here.


Today, I will talk about 'Model United Nations (MUN)'. The first thing I will tell you is the entity mandate(?) of 'Presbyterian Chruch of the Lord (PCL) MUN' entity mandate, the second, our history, the third improvement in my English skills. And the last one what I have learned here.


first our mandate is ‘be a God workman ship. so we do this MUN for this.

The first mandate of MUN is ‘To be a God workmanship. So, we do this for MUN.

God workmanship


second first the MUN started by doctor seen. he was a professor. All of the members complied with him. He is a wonderful person. But, he wanted MUN named as Villdume. but it have to be PCL. it is out church name.

The second thing is the history of PCL MUN. This was made by Doctor Shin. He was a professor. All of the members complied with him. He is a wonderful person. But, he wanted MUN named as 'Villadume'(?). However, it had to be left as PCL MUN, because PCL is out church name.


third I develop very fastly by the MUN. I can speak assay directly. also I can do a debate very well.

The third thing that I want to talk is about improvements in my English. My skills are grown up very fast during many activities of MUN. I can write and speak essay well. And I also can participate in debates on various topics very well.


fourth we have not much time for achieving . so we have to study effectively and efficient for prevention and utilizes for speak in UN. ‘ the UN help reducing poverty country. they save from crisis. also they help by assistance or coordinate.

We don't have enough time for achieving many things. So, we have to study effectively and efficiently to speak in the UN next year. The UN can help to reduce the number of poor countries. They will save many countries in crisis by assistance and coordination among many developed countries.

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