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PP-sustainable energy for all

Posted by LEE JUNE MO on August 20, 2015 at 10:20 AM

PCL Model United Nations

By June mo Lee


People’s Republic of China

Permanent representatives to the United Nations


Topic: Sustainable Energy For All



Lots of undeveloped countries on the situation that is very bad to get energy. which is called to energy poor. Most of undeveloped countries people is suffer from poverty, and hunger because of energy poor. UN Secretary General decided to realize ‘Sustainable Energy For All’, to help undeveloped countries and meet the MDGs in that countries.

This country believes that the world’s developed countries should provide the technology of sustainable energy and help them to build stable energy system to undeveloped countries.

The people’s republic of china is very related with energy poor. This country conduct researches on Energy Systems and sustainable energy. National Development and Reform Commission and many energy developing Five-year Plan always consider and solve the problems of energy systems and sustainable energy. According to experience that providing energy to 14 billion people, this delegate would like to suggest solution.

China still invest 12 billion dollars to develop renewable energy after Rio+20. Also, China participate on many summit and conferences.

As the country which contribute very well on sustainable energy part, This delegate would like to give a policies. That is establishing a international organism to control the whole process of helping undeveloped country. Gather all developed countries’ sustainable energy technique and transfer it to undeveloped country. That can improve the quality of the technique and make the time of process more quickly. It can achieve the original goals of ‘sustainable energy for all’ because of its controling power.

The first china’s five year energy plan was failed. There was not any central control tower. That thing caused no progress, and making chaos. After that China awake, central controling system is very important part of long term project. And, with that controling system China successfully complete many international and long term project. According to this experience, this policy will be succeed.

According to the HRC, many people suffer from hunger and poverty because of energy poor. So we have to make them to use sustainable energy to save them. The world have to make them to extricate form the poverty but, we should make them to solve it forever and by themselves. So we should use this policy world widely. For conclusion, I would like to ask other countries to cooperate with this country.


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