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Posted by Ian on August 19, 2015 at 7:05 AM


My birthday is March 31st. And that is my Korean birthday and my American birthday is March 30th. The reason is because I was born in U.S. and America and Korea’s time difference is about 12 hours. Though I have two birthdays, my parents never forget my birthdays. Though they sometimes give present that I think its lame, I am thankful for at least letting me to eat my birthday cake.

The birthday that I really hated was birthday 9th birthday. The reason was the birthday cake was only a slice of cake. I got really mad for it. I thought it was okay for not giving the present, but I didn’t like the cake. It was just a slice of a cake and we had to share it with 5 people: Grandpa, Grandma, mom, Ava, and me. Though we didn’t have much money because it was only 4 days later we went to Singapore, we had enough money to buy at least a small cake. I was really mad that I never tasted that cake. I think I cried for like 30 minutes. But nobody forgot my birthday as long as I remember.


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