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Posted by Ian on August 10, 2015 at 8:00 AM

#18 If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

 I kind of daydream a lot about being invisible. Maybe in New York Times, there will be “IAN THE KOREAN BOY BECOMES INVISIBLE.” So I thought of this thing a lot even in my normal life. Not like this time talking about being invisible. Who know one day I can also be like flat Stanley who becomes invisible. I would like to be called “IAN THE INVISIBLE.”

 I like making people freak out. I like making people freak out in any way. Unlike my grandma my sister and my dad likes to be freaked out. My grandma thinks that your life gets shorter if you freak out. But that is different than what I think. In amusement park, there are so many play systems that are so scary that people shout. Like rollercoaster. Though it is scary a lot people likes riding on it. That doesn’t make life shorter. A lot of old people say things that are not right because they read too much magazines of gossips from citizens.

 Most people will say “쟤도 보나 마나 게임 하는 것이겠지,” but me? Nope. As I said in front, I like freaking people out. So I would first get up before mom and dad wakes up. Then I will make a huge noise. Probably my parents will say “조용이 해라” in their half asleep voice, but I won’t stop it until they get up and find things moving by it selves. If they faint, than I wouldn’t want to be invisible for another day. If everything goes in my way then I would really want to be invisible for another day.


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