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Essay No.1

Posted by Ian on July 20, 2015 at 7:40 AM

1. If you ruled the world and could have anything you wanted, and people would do anything you wanted, do you think you’d get greedy and mean or be good and fair?

 I think that when we do thing like that, we can get greedy but not mean. We would get good, fair and greedy. The reason why I think like that is because when people do things for you don’t always get mean. When they want money, then they would ask me to give money because they are working for me. But when I give those people all different money, then probably they will protest to me. So naturally I would get fair.

 When I was young, I wanted to be rich. If you become rich I felt like I can buy anything I want. But after reading a book about being rich, I felt I don’t want to be rich. The reason is when you become rich and have a lot of people working under you, in school you might get bullied just because you are rich. Also your family can get poor because of a mistake. This problem happens to a lot of families, but when you are rich, you cannot adapt to the thing around you easily because of the memories of the rich time. I have hard time sleeping in places that is not my house. Even in my grandma’s house. That’s because I am adapted to my house. So I don’t think that being rich and having a lot of people working under you is good.

 When I judge myself, I think I am greedy, but I think that is okay. Because it is just part of me and I am special because there’s no person that is exactly same with me. So I think that it’s okay to be greedy.

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Reply Ian's mom
9:22 PM on July 20, 2015 
Ian, the word" greedy" already implies "not fair", doesn't it?  So how could we get good, fair but greedy?  Can you explain a bit more?  Maybe I'm not following your thoughts here.  :)


Please try to use the same "subject" throughout the essay.  So, for example, if you use the subject "we" try to use "we" consistently, instead of changing to "they".  It can confuse the readers. 


I felt like I can buy?  -- how do you think this sentence should be changed?  Think in terms of the "tenses."  과거로 시작했으면 과거로, 현재로 시작했으면 현재로 등등...


working under you 보다는 working for you? 


글이 굉장히 흥미롭구나. 현종이의 깊은 생각을 좀알 수도 있을 것 같아서 더욱. 그런데 현종이를 모르는 사람들이 읽으면 글 사이에 구멍이 조금씩 있어서 이해하는데 힘들 수도 있으니 그 구멍 사이사이를 메꾸는 연습을 좀 해보자... 아주 잘 했어!