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Title: 2. Do you think boys or girls have it easier?

Posted by Tina on July 17, 2015 at 10:30 PM

I think mostly girl have it easier. It means that girls are easier to play or do activity at school. Because many of boys think boys are easier to do things, they play together and do school activity together. Because girls and boys hobby, personality, also grade are different. And it is hard to accept all of difference. Also girl wants to play with girl, and boy wants to play with boy.

For example, girls hobby and boys hobby is very different. Girls like drawing or talking, but boys like gun. They like pistol, machine gun, and a rifle. Boys like weapon, but girls do not like it.

Second, boys always make fun of girls. In my school, all of boys make fun of girls. So girls tell it to teacher, but boys are not scared at it. Also, they curse to girls. First, they curse with Korean, but they are very good at cursing, so they curse a lot, and they curse with English!!! I was so surprised at it! Also I had a doubt of that ‘How did they learn that kinds of curse?’. Girls don’t like curse, and they don’t have interest at bad words. And some boys are very fast, so they make fun of girls, and go far away from girls. It really feels aggravated. And girls punch boys. And there will be fight.

Third, but there can be other situation. All people like to play with friends. I think playing with boys are funnier than playing with girls. There is lots of outside play. I like playing outside. And there is lots of running kind play. I really like running, and I am good at running. In our classroom, boys have really fast legs. Also they have strong physical strength. So when I play with them, I can have lots of fun. 5 boys in our class is so fast. So I think when I play outside, than playing with boys are funnier.


So I think mostly, girls have it easier, but I think when playing outside, than playing with boys are funnier.


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