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Getting to know your country-Nepal

Posted by LEE JUNE MO on July 17, 2015 at 7:45 AM



Getting to know your country

Handout D: Getting to Know your Country


Official country name: Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal(네팔 연방 민주 공화국;)

Governmental system: Federal, parliamentary(연방 내각제;)

Head of state: Suhil koirala (총리;)

Official languages: Nepali

Region: Kathmandu

Allies or blocs: allies: India, China, Japan, USA, UK, Korea etc

bloc: SAARC



Population and growth rate: 30,986,975/ 2.2%

Major religions or cultures: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islamism

Standard of living: very poor



Development status: It's very undeveloped

Climate : Alpine climate(고산기후;)

Environment(problems, innovations, etc) : Many environment are destroyed by big earthquake in 2015

Has this nation met the Millennium Development Goal targets?



Economic system: The market economy

GDP and growth rate $62.384 billion/ 3.5%

Major cities: Kathmandu

Infrastructure status(good, poor, etc) :very poor


Trade blocs/associations :SAARC, SAFTA

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

South Asian Free Trade Agreement(SAFTA)

Balance of payments/trade: $ -45.7 billion

Major exports/imports:

-exports: Redy-to-wear, Pashmina, carpet

-imports: oil, vehicles, electronics


Major trade partners: India, China, Japan, USA, UK, Korea etc


International monetary Fund, World bank positions

(debtor nation? donor nation?): debtor nation


Natural resources: No data


Energy sources; No data




Military organization: Royal Nepal Army

Percent of GDP spent of defense; 1.1%

Major weapons, nuclear capability, etc: Nothing



♣대통령은 의전상의 지위에 머무르며, 국정은 의회 다수당에서 선출된 총리가 책임진다. 다만 의원 내각제라고 해서 모두 공화정인 것은 아니다. 영국, 오스트레일리아, 캐나다, 일본은 군주제이면서 내각제이다

♣Alpine climate is the average weather (climate) for the regions above the tree line. This climate is also referred to as a mountain climate or highland climate.In the Köppen climate classification, the alpine climate is part of "Group E", along with the polar climate, where no month has a mean temperature higher than 10 °C (50 °F).[1] Certain highland climates can also fit under the hemiboreal climate or semi-arid climate groups of climate classification





Getting to know your country

United Nations

Date admitted to UN: 1955/12/14

UN des payment status; No data

Has the Un ever intervened in a conflict involving this nation? If so, where and how?

Because of the big earthquake, many things were destroyed so they went and gave supplies


How does the country contribute to UN peacekeeping?

Send their RNA to other place to help UN peacekeeping movement


Has the UN cited this nation for human rights violations?

If so, why?



What do you think this nation's position on the topic of debate will be? Why?




Try to find at least one recent article that is about or makes reference to this nation (preferably from the past two weeks).





What are four problems that affect this nation?

Damages of earthquake


No system of local government

gender imbalance


Ethnic/cultural issues, If any: nothing

Refugee problems: They don’t allow Tibet refugee to come in to stay away from China


Major conflicts both past and present

Foodstuff problem, there are not enough food because the land is very bad.







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