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Posted by Harry Bang on July 15, 2015 at 6:25 AM
1. If you ruled the world and could have anything you wanted, and people would do anything you wanted, do you think you�??d get greedy and mean or be good and fair? Over history, King Sejong and Queen Elizabeth are known for ruling their country and people well. Why? Because they thought they should rule people with compassion. So, I would rather choose to be good and fair than greedy and mean. There are good leaders and rulers like king sejong and Queen Elizabeth. However, there are bad leaders like Stalin and Hitler. They thought their people are their slaves, so they killed lots of people. So these two evil guys are remembered as bad leaders in history. If they ruled their country a little more, they may have died because of the revolution. I want the history to remember me as wise and kind leader who was full of compassion. So, I want to rule my people with compassion and fairness.

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