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Posted by Dan Park on July 14, 2015 at 6:45 AM

1. If you ruled the world and could have anything you wanted, and people would do anything you wanted, do you think you’d get greedy and mean or be good and fair?


Let’s analyze our topic. Greed means ‘the desire to have more of something, such as food or money, than is necessary or fair.’ Be good and fair is opposite of the word, greed. I think it is asking about our morality. Human’s morality can be change with some variable. If I just can get anything such as money, I think I can be good and fair. But If I have any people like friends or family, I will be greedy.

The first reason is ‘people will makes me happy, so I will think I’m most happiest man in world. So It will makes me vain.’ Vain is enemy of be good and fair. The second reason is ‘everything make me greed’. If I get Apple Watch, everyone will envy about it. Then, I will think ‘I will be best on this world’. So I will be greed. The third is ‘people should be greed when they have big things.’ Like Apple Watch, People be greed when they have something bigger. When I was 9, I saw 3D movie first time. It makes me very interested. I thought I will watch this 3D movie 5 times in my life. But I had a greed for 3D movie, so I saw it like 8 times.

Like this 3 reasons, I will be greed. On other hand, I have good ethical wisdom. Wisdom of ethical makes me be good. And otherthing make me good. So I think I will be fair and be good. I have 2 reasons.

First of all, I have a conscience. Conscience means the part of your mind that tells you whether what you are doing is right or wrong. When I see poor people, I want to help them. At that time, I feel my conscience. So I can be fair.

Second, I will want happiness. When I be fair, I feel happy. So it makes me fair. People can feel happy when they did good things. On EBS documentary name ‘아이의 사생활 2부-도덕성’ was talking about human’s conscience. There was a ‘one hundred fifty thousand won exam’. 15 of 11 people don’t return their wrong change. But 4 people return it. They said ‘When I identify my conscience, I feel happy.’

I think I will be good or fair when I have anything. But I think it is depend in every situation. When I have to do good thing, then I will. But when I can do good thing, then I wouldn’t. So I think it is depend in everythings,

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