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Posted by Ian on July 13, 2015 at 7:45 AM
 3. If your mother promised to be home at 2:00 in the afternoon to take you to the movies but didn’t show up until suppertime and didn’t even phone, what would be a good punishment for her? Would punishing her be likely to make her be on time in the future?

My parents never did that behavior before, but when it happens, I would call my grandparents and if they don’t answer their phone, and then probably I would cry really loud. In a few minutes, I would stop crying and watch television for a while to relax myself. Then I would take a nap for a while to relax again. When I wake up, and my parents still not home, then I would call everybody in my family so I can feel like I am being protected; but because I know that my parents will come home before I go to bed, I might feel better than before. Also that’s the reason I can stay home by myself in the house for a long stretch of time.

In the preceding paragraph, I only talked about what I would do if my parents are not home. Starting now, I will tell you what the punishment will be. I think that I shall take their watches, and turn off the time set in their phones. But most likely they won’t take their penalties seriously. Or, maybe, I can make them listen to me shouting “BE ON TIME!!!!” two times a day to them: in the morning and in the afternoon. I think that will work well. There is a problem this punishment though: my voice will be ruined. Or, maybe, I can record my voice and put it in the alarm, and set it 5 times a day. Because the number of times I can see my parents is only twice a day: morning and afternoon. On the other hand, if I set the alarm, they can turn off the alarm so it would not work. But I can check their phones in the afternoon to see if the turned off the alarm. Therefore, I think setting alarm with my voice 5 times a day is the best idea to punish my parents.



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