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Essey(The Kid???s Book of Questions NO.8)

Posted by LEE JUNE MO on July 13, 2015 at 7:10 AM


No.8 If you could have a round-trip ride in a time machine and travel any distance into the past or future, where would you want to go?



I would go to the past time, if I could have a round-trip ride in a time machine. Because it is very exciting thing to experience past time. We could change the present by changing the past. And, we can know well the things that we don’t know it certain. Most of all, we can film important historical event and make a money with them at present time. That is the most exciting thing.

Anyway, if I could go to the past for 10 days, I’ll go to the 한산도 at July 8th of 1592 at first day of time trip. I’ll film the scene of great war of 한산도, after that I’ll have a tea time with General 이순신. I will interview him, and make a book about it. In second day, I’ll go to the 하얼빈, at march 26th of 1910. I’ll rescue 안중근 to the present time. I’ll show him the days of independent in Korea. In 3rd day, I’ll go to Egypt. At there, I’ll see the pyramids are building up. And make a film of it.

After that, I will take a rest in the pacific primitive island. After that, I’ll go to the Jurassic era. and I’ll take film of dinosaurs. At 6th day, I’ll go to the New york when the Netherlands people rule it. And I’ll buy some land of New york for very cheap charge.

I’ll go to the Greece. I’ll meet the 플라톤, 아리스토텔레스, 소크라테스. I’ll talk with them, and try to find the truth of the life. I’ll make it for books and sell it in the present time.

I’ll go to last 7~10 days for Japan. I’ll kidnap the 도요토미 히데요시 when he is very young. So I’ll prevent the 임진왜란.

I think that is very fun to do. I can make money by the film and books of 이순신, 플라톤 and 한산도 대첩. Most of all I can be the master of New york by the time trip. And, I can change the present time by the kidnapping the 도요토미 히데요시. Anyway, that is my plan for the time trip to past.


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Reply Ian's mom
9:12 AM on July 13, 2015 
준모야, "on" the second day야. 따라붙는 게 시각인지, 날인지, 년인지에 따라 그 앞에 붙는 전치사도 아래와 같이 틀려져.

"at" 2pm (시각)
"in" 1592 (년도)
"on" Monday (날)

I will go to Greece. 나라 앞에는 굳이 the를 쓰지 않아도 된다.

그리고 영어로 글을 쓸 때 Microsoft Word에서 써보면 철자나 문법이 틀리면 빨간 줄, 초록 줄이 가기 때문에 철자 공부하는데 도움이 될 수도 있으니, 일단 글의 draft을 Microsoft Word에서 써보는 것도 좋은 방법.

7:51 AM on July 17, 2015 
Thank you very much^^