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Essay Topics for Monday, July 13

Posted by Ian's mom on July 12, 2015 at 4:05 AM

Please choose one topic from below 10 questions and write your essay (approximately 500 words or more) and post it to both Skype and this homepage.  

Questions from "The Kid’s Book of Questions (written by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.)"


1. If you ruled the world and could have anything you wanted, and people would do anything you wanted, do you think you’d get greedy and mean or be good and fair?

2. Do you think boys or girls have it easier?

3. If your mother promised to be home at 2:00 in the afternoon to take you to the movies but didn’t show up until suppertime and didn’t even phone, what would be a good punishment for her? Would punishing her be likely to make her be on time in the future?

4. If all your best friends were willing to be absolutely honest and tell you exactly what they most liked and disliked about you, would you want them to?

5. Would you rather have a strict teacher who was fair and taught you a lot or one who was relaxed and fun but didn’t teach you much?

6. One day your father gets a really weird idea and dyes his hair green and puts a ring through his nose. Knowing everyone would be looking at him and snickering, would you go shopping with him if he wanted your company?

7. When you make a mistake, do you make up excuses? If so, do you think people believe you?

8. If you could have a round-trip ride in a time machine and travel any distance into the past or future, where would you want to go?

9. If a friend had an important secret and didn’t want other people to learn about it, would telling you the secret be a mistake?

10. If your parents were worried about a serious problem that had nothing to do with you directly, would you want them to tell you about it or would you rather not know?


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Reply Tina
5:43 AM on July 12, 2015 
Thank you, teacher!