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We Should Abolish All Forms of Tax

Posted by phil on July 1, 2015 at 9:25 AM


I think we don’t need to abolish tax.

First reason is that tax is not waste away the money.

In the Teentimes “ When we pay lots of tax, government use that money for sell a good, in korea to other country. So they can make more money. And that money is get back to us for lot of service. So that country can develop too”. So tax make help us.


Second reason is that tax can help lots of people. The Debatewise said that “ Tax are not only use for government people. First government use that money for helping people with no money. It is kinds of compulsion donat. Second they use tew for giving to school. We don’t pay the money for school. So teacher can’t get any money. “ Also like this day, patient with MERS need treatment. But we need a money for treatment. That money is by tax. police officer salary is come from tax too.

Third reason is that tax balance of the rich and the poor. When one people make lots of money. That people make more more money. But there is people with no money. So government get more tax from people with rich person and give it to poeple with no money. So it can balance the money. If there is no tax. Only one people get lots of money. When that person have lots of money he will make more more money. and there sill be more more people with no money.


I think tax is important. Tax come back to us by service, also tax can help people. Last tax can balance the money.

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