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Countries with food shortages should not invest in biotechnology

Posted by Chelsea on June 25, 2015 at 8:10 AM


Countries with food shortages should not invest in biotechnology

I don’t agree that countries with food shortages investing in biotechnology because, if they keep investing in biotechnology, they will not have enough food to eat in the future and the price of food will get expensive that the poor people can’t buy food so they might get starved to death.

I searched about biofuels and found that they have benefits but in the other side there are concerns. The benefits are First, they can make energy supply more secure by reducing the use of petroleum. Second, emissions of greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide and particulates could be reduced. And Third it can make agricultural and rural development, including new jobs and incomes and create carbon trading for many African countries.

The concerns are biofuels still need research to identify suitable feed stocks, the most suitable production and processing procedures, environmental impacts, potential land use conflict with food crops. Biofuels require huge land. Many countries, especially countries with food shortages would find it hard to divert land from food production.

So I think that countries with food shortages should not invest in biotechnology.









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