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Posted by Sua Shin on June 10, 2015 at 11:30 PM

The Global Community Should Provide Humanitarian Aid to North Korea PP

Country: South Africa


We disagree about providing humanitarian aid to North Korea. To define the topic, humanitarian aids are basic human necessities, such as food, flashlights, blankets, and pillows. The status quo is that North Koreans are suffering from hunger and the lack of basic necessities. People can say that we have to try to provide humanitarian aids to the people of North Korea, but we think that this is wrong. We clearly want to demand that the global community should not provide humanitarian aids to North Korea because it harms North Korean citizens in a long term. Why? If North Korea gets humanitarian aids from other countries, the North government will take the aids from their citizens and will feed their own soldiers. Since North Korea is a country with communism, the citizens don't think that they should try to develop their technology, because even though they work really hard, they will receive the same amount of money as the people who haven't work that hard. Therefore, technology in North Korea is not really that developed, so the North Korean government thinks that the power of the soldiers is the main source of power. They maintain their power by threatening their citizens, making the citizens think that the government is very strong, and become frightened of the government. So since they think that their power is the soldiers' (the army) instead of the technology, even though we give them humanitarian aids, the government will give all the aids to the soldiers instead of the citizens. We want to help the North Korean citizens because they are poor, but since the North Korean government is taking the aids from the citizens and giving it to the soldiers, there is no help to the citizens, and it makes the citizens more frightened and strengths North Korea even more. So these are the reasons why our country disagrees about this topic.

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