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word assay

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today I will talk about MUN. first I will tell you PCL MUN entity mandate. second, our history, third my develop history. at last what I learn in here.


Today, I will talk about 'Model United Nations (MUN)'. The first thing I will tell you is the entity mandate(?) of 'Presbyterian Chruch of the Lord (PCL) MUN' entity mandate, the second, our history, the third improvement in my English skills. And the last one what I have learned here.


first our mandate is...

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United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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-The United Nations Environment Programme

-That is the leading global environmental authority

-Director: Achim Steiner

-UNEP work encompasses:

•Assessing global, regional and national environmental conditions and trends

•Developing international and national environmental instruments

•Strengthening institutions for the wise management of the environment

1)climate change

:The most dangerous c...

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Official country name: germany

Governmental system :Federal parliamentary constitutional republic

Head of state: Joachim Gauck

Official languages: German[1][b]

Region: Central Euro|pean

Allies or blocs:



Population and growth rate: 80,716,000[2] (16th)

Major religions or cultu...

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2. Do you think boys or girls have it easier?

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2. Do you think boys or girls have it easier?

I think boys have it easier.


first reason is boy play lot of physical fight..

during play physical fight we have to endure the pain stoically. so when they get hurt they say “it is ok” so during play lot op game, something we can get hurt. at that time we have to endure the pain stoically. but girls they don’t play physical fight so they don’t endure the pain stoically. so the ...

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We Should Abolish All Forms of Tax

Posted by phil on July 1, 2015 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)


I think we don’t need to abolish tax.

First reason is that tax is not waste away the money.

In the Teentimes “ When we pay lots of tax, government use that money for sell a good, in korea to other country. So they can make more money. And that money is get back to us for lot of service. So that country can develop too”. So tax make help us.


Second reason is that tax can help lots of people. The Debatewise said that “ Tax ar...

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