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DISEC PP + Korean

Posted by Sua Shin on March 7, 2016 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (44)
Honorable Chair and fellow delegates, Vietnam does not hope for space to be militarized. The early exploration of space in the mid-20th century had, in part, a military motivation. The United States and the Soviet Union used such motivation as an opportunity to demonstrate the ballistic missile technology and other technologies that had the potential for military application. Outer space has since been used as an operating location for military spacecraft, such as imaging and communications satellites, and some ballistic missiles pass through outer space during their flight. As yet, however, weapons have not been stationed in space, with the exception of the Almaz space station and small handguns carried by Russian cosmonauts.     Vietnam had experienced several accidents caused by missiles or spaceships from outer space. Just this January, in the second week, there were three metallic balls and debris fallen onto northern Vietnam. Vietnamese officials commented that those objects appear to be compressed air tanks from a Russian aerospace vehicle, with some speculation that they may be from a failed satellite launch. Although it was not explosive, this wasn't the first time that mysterious metal spheres have plummeted to earth and caused confusion. Also, in November last year, Spanish officials reported that similar spheres plunged into a field in the southern part of their country. These incidents demonstrate that a mere mistake from another country have a detrimental effect both physically and economically. For these reasons, Vietnam does not hope for the militarization of space.     It is known the percentage of a spacecraft to succeed its launch is about 94%. This delegate would like to prove that in that 6 percent of potential to fail, or just one accident can occur many debris flying in the orbit. If space militarization is allowed in this global society, the possibility of countries�?? spaceships being harmed will increase significantly. In 2009, there has been the first collision among satellites crashing into each other by the USA and Russia. Russia�??s military satellite had been deactivating since 1995, but USA�??s communication satellite had been successfully activating. As they collided with high speed, more than 2,000 large debris fragments resulting from this collision were detected. This incident was one of the main reasons of debris suddenly increased these centuries.     More than the solution, this delegate of Vietnam has many questions to ask when this policy passes. Firstly, this delegate would like for countries that are proposing space militarization to be responsible of the space debris that will be created. If many countries launch a lot of militarized spaceships at the same time, then somehow, when those spaceships are not used and passes its term of validity, it all becomes space debris, so this delegate hopes for others to talk about the responsibility.     So the first solution that this delegate has made is that UN can monitor the spaceship that countries are going to lauch. When a country launches a militarized spaceship, that country would be required to register the spaceship to the UN about it, so that the UN can monitor the spaceship�??s basic description. And the country would be required to pay an amount of money to the UN to pay the compensation payment for the innocent victim countries. This work is to prevent any problems within countries for peace, and to let the launchings to happen thoroughly.     The second solution for this agenda is to limit the number of launching military spaceships. While developed nations are shooting many spaceships, under-developed countries can not be able to launch any. Through this, this delegate believes that it is the UN�??s role to minimize and decrease this discrepancy. If this freedom of choice of developed countries are limited, the developing nations can have a opportunity to develop a step further into the future. This does not mean that it will discriminate the developed nations. It just means that since developed nations have developed in this technology, they should go a step back to help other nations to develop and consider them. If developed nations want more freedom to launch than the limitation, this delegate would recommend them to ask for other countries�?? cooperation for this. Although Vietnam had its first success in launching its communications satellite in 2008, Vietnam believes that the global community can thoroughly solve this problem, not just for its own country�??s profit, but also for the world�??s peace. Space can be very helpful, but if countries use it in an unproductive purpose, space can be very harmful, so this delegate of Vietnam suggests for countries to try their best for an effective resolution. Thank you.

Internet freedom of speech-resolution

Posted by Harry Bang on October 1, 2015 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Draft resolution

Topic: Internet freedom of speech

Signatories: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Republic of France, Republic of Canada, United Mexican states, Republic of Portugal


The general assembly,


Reaffirming the paramount importance of internet freedom of speech in society, education, and workplaces can help achieve net neutrality, human rights, and solve international conflicts between nations,


Recognizing permitting people to access on internet is infringing their human rights, can be a cause of second Arab spring,


Trying to support the goal’s of UNHRC of freedom to speak in internet and giving keys to solve international conflicts between permitting and non-permitting nations,


Welcoming that UN and the world is recognizing the dangerousness of permitting people to access on internet and trying have advises,


1. Urges for International Organizations to show present actions,

a) Sending experts to inspect the local situation of particular nations,

b) selecting how to solve internet problems in particular nations according to the reports of experts,

c) educating people that internet freedom is a symbol of human rights so it shouldn’t be infringed,


2. Also urges nations to try solving current issues,

a) Giving ideas and keys to solve the goals of UNHRC,

b) executing all tasks domestic that should be solved to support internet freedom of speech,

c) All the member states in the signatories, without exception must promise to participate

actively in the informal session, sharing the opinions and information of the issue of internet freedom of speech and eliminating all tasks related to permitting people access on internet, and the civil society and UN will mitigate current problems both domestic and international,


The delegate of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its signatories sincerely affirm its position of the internet freedom of speech,


Thank you.








9/24 Essay

Posted by Tina on September 24, 2015 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Title: What would be your future name card? And why do you want to be what your future name card tells? Why do you think you are suitable for that position? What efforts would be needed? Who would be your role models for that role?

First question is what would be your future name card. Name card we write what job is now I’m doing, and one’s company, or career. In future, I want to be a surgeon. Because I really wanted to cure people who are sick or poor. Also I think curing people is very valuable thing to do. I chose surgeon because I like to see inside of animals or humans. Also I don’t want to be a psychiatrist. Because I need to cure people who have mental illness when I become psychiatrist. Also in this paragraph, there is reason for question number two.

Third question is ‘Why do you think you are suitable for that position?’. Because I think I am good at studying. We need lots of efforts at school, or academy studying when I need to be a surgeon. Also we need to take very long period to be every kind of doctor. And I have good grade at school, so when I make more effort in studying, then I can achieve my dream. Also in this paragraph, there is reason for question number four.

Fifth question is ‘Who would be your role models for that role?’. I think my role model can be Albert Schweitzer or Chang Kee-ryo. Because they are very legendary doctor in world. Also they made effort at curing poor people and sick people. Albert Schweitzer went to Africa and cured other sick people. They called him a magician. Because they thought he is a magician who can cure other peoples’ disease. Also Chang Kee-ryo lived in North Korea, but leave North Korea, because he had a dream that he want to become a doctor. Sometimes he just let people who don’t have hospital bills. Many one said “Why are you doing that kind of crazy things?” or “Stop!!”. But Chang Kee-ryo didn’t stop for donation.

For conclusion, I will be surgeon, and in my name card, there will be stuff that says that I am a surgeon. Also I will thing Albert Schweitzer and Chang Kee-ryo is role model. And I won’t give up, and try hard to achieve my dream!


9/17 Essay

Posted by Tina on September 17, 2015 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Topic : Who do you dislike the most? What is the best thing about that person?

Someone I dislike the most is my class friend. He is boy, and very good at annoying people. His nickname is monkey, and his real name is Sang Won Kim. He is very shameless, and good at curse.

I think there is not many good thing at him, but there is 1~2 things that he is good about. He is good at physical exercise. Also he is a little good at solving math questions. Also his has good eye sight. There are few things that he is good at, but his best thing is physical exercise.

Because he has always good grade at physical exercise.(but girls doesn’t like him.) His best thing at physical exercise is running. He is so fast. So he always annoys girls with running skills. He is very mischievous boy, so he says provoking words to girls, and run away. Girls tried to say it to teacher, but he is so shameless. But everyone admit that he is good at physical exercise.

Also he has very good eye sight. He didn’t do dream lens, but his eye sight is 1.0, and 1.5. My eye sight is so bad, so I am so envious at it. He doesn’t wear glasses. I am so envious at it, too. Because I wear glasses, and it is so uncomfortable.

I think he has some of good things and his best thing is physical exercise.


topic: how would you act differently when your younger sister follow everything you did?

Posted by phil on September 16, 2015 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)



Before telling this story, I will say the answer first. When my younger sister follow me I play a tricks.

4 years ago, my sister named rachel she was 3 years. So she always follow me. So I play a tricks. There is 2 toy bike in my house. but its operation is different. And its shape is different too. Let’s say first bike is 1 bike. And second bike is 2 bike. Now the story will began. I was ride 1 bike. And my sister came and she only say “나 이거 “ and she set on the 1 bilke. and I ride a 2 bike and I say “YEA~” . Oh my sister came again! . And she said same at last time. So I do that again and again. But my sister still do that again and again. And I feell funny about that.

So I go bike 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2, ……….. almost one hour. When your sister follow you don’t be angry to sister. Sister will said when you be angry. Play trick like me. It will fun to you and your sister don’t be sad. sister make us angry but some time they make uw funny.


How would you act diferently if you had a younger sister who idolized you and tried to copy everthing you did?...........

Posted by Chelsea on September 16, 2015 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (0)

If I had a younger sister who idolized me and tried to copy everything I did. I would think it is okey because one of my wish is to get a younger brother or sister. I would love her and if she idolized me, I will say that I'm not a Idol and she have to serve only God, and if my parents think I will copy them; I will say that `You misunderstanding but I am old enough to control myself from copying .

Resolution_Combating racism

Posted by Harry Bang on September 12, 2015 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Topic: Combating racism

Signatories: Federal Republic of Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Republic of Chad, Republic of Togo, Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Algeria


The General Assembly,


Reaffirming the paramount importance of total elimination of racism and racial discrimination in society, education, and workplaces can help achieve global peace, solving international conflict and giving same chances to everyone,


Recognizing racism can affect people penalties in education, workplaces and even ruin people whole family and society,


Trying to support the goal’s of SOCHUM of combating racism and giving keys to solve the global issue called racism and racial discrimination,


Welcoming that the world is recognizing the dangerousness of racism and racial discrimination and trying to make a solution to solve them,


1. Urges for international workers to show actions worldwide,

a) Establishing new International organizations that can substitute the function of old one,

also called as UNCERD,

b) United Nations must send international supervisors to all nations to check the

situation of nations’ racism and racial discrimination;

c) Making remaining IOs like UNICEF to give educations to developing countries for the

purpose of prevention of racism and racial discrimination;


2. Also urging all nations to solve the domestic problem,

a) Eliminating all the remaining remarks of racism and racial discrimination even though it


b) Executing people who discriminated people with race or educate children to

discriminate other races;

c) All the member states in the signatories, without exception must promise to participate

actively in the informal session, Sharing the opinions and information of the issue of

racism and racial discrimination, and the civil society and UN will mitigate current problems both domestic and international.



PP_Combating racism

Posted by Harry Bang on September 12, 2015 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

PCL Model United Nations

By Hee won bang (Harry B)


Federal republic of Nigeria

Permanent representatives to the United Nations

Agenda: Combating racism


Thank you honorable chairs and fellow delegates, the delegate of Nigeria believes racism and racial discrimination is a big global problem that world should solve. As the effect of globalization, world is being closer than before. People are able to communicate with SNS and meet people abroad in the internet. However, due to the side effect of globalization, racism starts to appear. After globalization, people started to know that there are many races all around the world. Therefore, people think that their race is better than others and they start to discriminate people with race. This situation is not only few countries’ problem. Racism and racial discrimination is a global issue due to globalization. Regarding these issues, SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural committee) selected one of its main goals on combating racism. In the 1980s, Nigeria’s military government killed lots of different races and tribes. Even though military government had expelled from society, Nigeria people cannot forget about the nightmare of racism in 1980s by military government. Also regarding these information, the delegate of Nigeria is going to suggest some solutions both domestic and international.


The delegate of Nigeria’s domestic solution that can support SOCHUM’s goal is eliminating all the marks of racial discrimination. In the 1980s, lots of tribes and different races were killed after the military government assumed political power. Especially lots of tribes were killed because their race was different with others. Even though military government lost its power since 2000s, lots of tribes and minority races disappeared. Before the holocaust of tribes, there was a war called as Biafra war, also called as Nigeria civil war. One of the main causes of the war was racial conflict and racism. Even though about 20 year was passed after two major race conflicts, Nigeria people cannot forget about the race conflict that lots of people died. Regarding the domestic situation of Nigeria, the delegate of Nigeria will try to execute the leaders of military government who ordered to kill races and tribes back in 1980s. Also, Nigeria government will try to make laws that punish people who ever discriminates people with race. The punishment of racism and racial discrimination will be very severe. Also, Nigeria will apply budgets for the education of anti-racism. Nigeria expects in 20 years, racism will be disappeared. Nigeria is going to suggest this policy to African nations if this succeeds.


The international solution that the delegate of Nigeria is going to suggest is establishing new IOs that take role in racial discrimination. Lots of people know how serious racial problem is. However, people don’t know what IOs take charge on solving racial discrimination. There is an IO called UNCERD (United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) that takes in charge on the elimination of racial discrimination. However, people don’t know what UNCERD do and how much power that it has. The reason is that UNCERD is now well known by people. Regarding this situation, the delegate of Nigeria strongly believes that there should be new IOs that can substitute the function of UNCERD. Nigeria is going to suggest this solution to UN to establish new IO that can substitute the function of UNCERD.


Nigeria government wants to encourage other nations, especially nations with racial problem like U.S. and South Africa, to cooperate with the global problem called racism. Like Nigeria, lots of Nations have suffered from racism. In U.S., black people have some disadvantages than White people. Also, South Africa has experienced apartheid, and now there are some marks remained in South Africa’s society. As Nigeria and Nations like U.S., South Africa were suffered from racism, the delegate of Nigeria strongly appeals Nations that experienced racism to cooperate with the solution that Nigeria wants to appeal.


The delegate Nigeria strongly believes making domestic policies and establishing new IO that can substitute the function of UNCERD can support the main goal of SOCHUM, combating racism. Also, Nigeria wants to appeal other nations to cooperate with the solution of that Nigeria is going to suggest.

The delegate of Nigeria sincerely affirms its position of the elimination of racism and racial discrimination.


PP-Combating Racism

Posted by LEE JUNE MO on September 9, 2015 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Republic of South Africa

Permanent representatives to the United Nations


Topic: Combating Racism



Racism and racial discrimination has long been a social ill that undermines world peace, human rights, and economic development. Millions of people become victims of racism and discrimination every year, and poses a serious threat on maintaining a peaceful committee. South Africa is very related with racism and racial discrimination. The apartheid was the most terrible racial discrimination in the world. It makes many black people suffered from the discrimination. The apartheid has had a profound impact on interfering with the delivery of basic services to citizens. South Africa has tried to eliminate racism and racial discrimination like the apartheid. However, there are many obstacles that interfere combating racism. Still, many Boer(Afrikaner) trying to discriminate black people. With the effort of president Nelson Mandela, the apartheid was ended, and black people could be guaranteed their basic rights. Nevertheless, racial discrimination is continuing even though there are many law that ban the racism. South africa recognizes that we need international cooperation to combat the racism.


To combat racism and discrimination, South Africa eliminated apartheid policy. With the elimination, laws or articles that separate and discriminate the blacks were removed, and society system was changed. However, society system is the thing which only changed. People’s minds don’t be changed. The people of South Africa accustomed into that apartheid, the society has changed but people don’t want to be changed. Law can’t change the people’s mind and their point of view. It seems almost impossible without international cooperation, to solve all of that problem and combat the racism.


World must need international cooperation to change people’s mind. South Africa would like to suggest that cooperation the USA, Australia, South Africa and many other countries which have racism problems. Media and education are the most powerful thing that could change the people’s mind. South Africa suggests to establish the new specialized-organization to produce media to change people’s mind and control the education system. Also, South Africa suggests that many other countries to make fund and give aid to the people who discriminate because of their race, through the HRC(human rights council). South Africa appeals to international society to participate and aid the project.


Recognizing the education and the media are hard part that impossible to do without international society’s help, South Africa calls international supports in education, media and psychological clinic field. South Africa sincerely affirms its position to engage activities to combat racism. South Africa would like to reemphasize that world should be the one, to eliminate racism and discrimination.

South Africa closes this position paper with the following quote by the president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world, remove racism, and racial discrimination.”

Thank you

If all your best friends were willing to be absolutely honest and tell you exactly what they most liked and disliked about you, what would you want them to?

Posted by Tina on September 9, 2015 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (3)

I would just accept for advice. Because it is when we hear good things, then we will feel good. But when we hear bad things, then we will feel very bad. Because it is kind of a straightforward comment, so many one don’t want to hear it. Also I don’t like it. But they are best friends, so I will just think they really likes me, so comment me, give advice to make me better then now.

Next, when it is pretty harsh, then I won’t suppress it. Because they said similar bitter words to me, not just advice. Also I will say it to my mom and school teacher. Because I don’t like other friend is cajolement me. Also I don’t like what my friend said, so I have some rights to do not hear that kind of bitter words. And I am not weak, so I won’t just suppress it and make it to hard feelings for me and my friends.

Above reasons was that my friends didn’t say that much bad things. When they really trying to make me annoyed, than I will make them annoyed too. Because I don’t want to lose to my friends. Because I have very big desire for winning. So I can’t lose to my friends with arguments. I did lots of arguing with boys, but I didn’t do many arguing with girls. But when they provoke a quarrel to me, then I will fight with them. Even though that one is girl.

In conclusion, I won’t say everything in first time. But when it becomes third time, then I won’t suppress my filling, and fight with my friends even though that one is girl.


Essay on Sep 3

Posted by Tina on September 4, 2015 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Title: If you could choose any bedtime you wanted for the next year, what time would you pick?

I think I would pick 10:30. Because I always sleep at 10:15, so when I sleep at 10:00, than I am not sleepy and I don’t want to sleep. And when I become 5th grade, than I will have more home works than now. I need to solve more math questions, than now. And I will have more English home works, too. Also my 5th grade teacher will give more school home works, too. So I need sleep later than now. But I think sleeping at 10:30 is very great. Because some of my friends sleep at 12:00 now. Some friends even sleep at dawn. They have lots of home works now, too. When thy go to 5th grade, than their parents will make them to study more.

For second reason, I need to sleep before 11:00. Because I am not good at suppressing sleep. I can suppress hunger, but it is very hard to suppress sleep. Also the book tells growth hormone is very vitalize secrete between 10:00~2:00. So when we go to bed after that time, than it is hard to grow a lot.

For last reason, it is hard to study at school. When I sleep so late, than it is very tiring during the class time. Also I can’t concentrate what to the word what teacher said. And I can’t focus in class, and other things occurs to one’s mind.

In conclusion, when it becomes next year, than I will sleep at 15 minutes later, in 10:30. Because It is good to my health, and I can suppress sleep after that time.

Chemical and Waste Management PP

Posted by [email protected] on September 2, 2015 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

저번에 못올려서 지금 올립니다

Thank you, honorable chair and fellow delegates, this delegate of France strongly believes this problem, the lacking of the chemical and waste management is very serious. Chemicals are critical to the manufacture of many products and protection of human health, and an important contributor to the GDP and employment. However, without good management, chemicals and their dangerous wastes can make fatal risks to human health and the environment, especially the poorest members of the global community. In urban areas, low-income or minority populations are often exposed to dangerous chemicals and related wastes in their jobs or because they inhabit in polluted areas. In rural areas, most chemical exposure and environmental pollution are linked to the misuse of agricultural chemicals and pollution brought by waterways, impacting the natural resources upon which these communities depend.

For these issues, this delegate of France strongly suggests to install water purification systems in large factories where they release polluted wastes that are related with chemicals. As one of the causes of global warming is also polluted water, water purification of these chemical wastes can reduce the progress of global warming being worse. Since France's main exports are machinery and transportation equipment, aircraft, plastics, chemicals, etc, France will endeavor to install water purification systems on most of the factories in France if it is possible. This delegate of France strongly recommends for these installation of most countries in the global environment. THANK YOU


Combating Racism SUMMARY

Posted by [email protected] on September 2, 2015 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural committee is the third committee of the General Assembly (GA) of the UN, and it was created in 1946. It was originally called the Third Committee, and abbreviation of it is “SOCHUM.” According to the UN, SOCHUM is specifically meant to handle “a range of social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect peoples all over the world.” The resolutions, decisions, and recommendations of GA committees are nonbinding for member states. Yet, this does not make the committee ineffective. Instead, SOCHUM’s recommendations have the power to order or suggest various studies and programs that can make a major difference.

Just like the name, SOCHUM handles social, cultural, and humanitarian issues around the world. This is a wide range of fields, so SOCHUM’s work is related to the work of many UN committees. The committee’s responsibility includes working on human rights issues, such as overseeing the Human Rights Council, and guiding many projects and committees within the United Nations, such as advancing the role of women and protecting children. Specifically mentioned for discussion in the committee’s mandate is “the promotion of fundamental freedoms through the elimination of racism and racial discrimination.”




Around the world, people identify and discriminate simply by believing that they are “different” due to their race. Racism focuses on the biological differences between humans and makes some races below others by both prejudice and discrimination. Rather than acknowledging and celebrating differences, racism makes some races weak members of the society, while letting another races boost up to a higher level. Race has became the major way for individuals to identify themselves, particularly in the census data. A larger group, however, is saying that race is a concept developed by society as a tool to suppress groups of people—and that it continues to succeed around the world every day. Racism is the main reason that cause many violations related with basic human rights, including violations in education, citizenship, and employment. A world that views any group of people as inferior will not give such a group equal access to opportunities. As it becomes easier to move throughout the world, racism continues to appear. An example of this is the growth of xenophobia, or the irrational fear of people from other countries. This fear leads to a lack of connection and understanding for others, particularly in refugee situations, and instead degrades the status of certain groups in society. :)

Climate change

Posted by Ji woo on September 1, 2015 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Some people are concerned that global warming could harm plant and animal communities and human societies, other people believe that there is little to worry about it. Old photographs provide additional evidence that Earth's surface is warming. Evidence indicates that ice around the North and South poles is also melting. Because of the melting Arctic Ocean ice, the survival of polar bears may be at risk. Many polar bears are not getting enough to eat, and some may be drowning. Researches with the United Nations have reported that the average sea level around the world has risen by at least 4 inches (10cm) since the early 1900s.


Main ideas

The main human activity blamed for global warming is the burning of fossil fuels( coal, oil, natural gas) in automobiles, factories and electric power plants. The gases let much of the energy of sunlight pass through the air to warm Earth's surface. Carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases that trap heat are called green house gases. The greenhouse effect is a natural part of how Earth functions.Humans began burning fossil fuels in large amounts when industrialization became widespread in the mid-1800s. Another human activity that has increased the carbon dioxide in the burning and cutting down of forests, or deforestation. Global warming and global cooling happened over and over before people started burning fossil fuels. In between these ice ages have been warm periods


One way to know is by studying growth rings in cross-sections of very old trees. Varying over time are the shape of Earth's orbit around the sun and the angle of the tilt that Earth makes on its axis. One of the main ways that scientists try to predict the future of climate change is by using computer models. These are computer programs based on mathematical equations about sunlight,heat,rainfall,wind,oceab currents, and otherclimate factors. Computer models are most useful for helping researchers learn several possible results of climate change. However, predictions made with computer models are not certain. Large increases in Earth's surface temperature could cause vast amounts of ice on Antarctica and Greenland to melt into the sea. Earth's surface temperature affects the effects the weather in many complex ways. Computer models predict that weather in different parts of the world would be affected by continued warming in different ways. Changing weather caused by global warming might also mean more hurricanes,tornadoes,snowstorms, or droughts-depending on where a person lives. Warmer weather could mean more disease. Because of the serious effects that climate change might have on human society and wildlife habitats,governments around the world are working on this problem.

The green house gas reductions have to be great enough to reach certaun dates depending on the country Wind power uses moving air.

Solar power uses sunlight. Nuclear power is another way to produce energy that does not emit greenhouse gases but nuclear power produces dangerous wastes.

The best way to remove some greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is by planting more trees.

The member states of should control the development. and UN make laws about control the develop

Because The main human activity blamed for global warming is the burning of fossil fuels( coal, oil, natural gas) in automobiles, factories and electric power plants. Even now the human destroy the Earth. It is bad to large increases in Earth's surface temperature. so UN and member states control the develop

other way is the we use green energy and then Earth's surface temperature will decrease. so I think member states should control the development or we use green energy.

Martin Luther King

Posted by Ji woo on September 1, 2015 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 15, 1929.

In South, African Amerucans had always lived under laws that were unfair to them.

During the Civil war, President Abraham Lincoln granted freedom to slaves by passing a special law.

But even though black people were freed from slavery. Sothern lawmakers passed new laws to keep them separated, or segregated, from white people.

These laws, deprived blacks of many rights. African Americans were suffering from not having equal rights. Many of them were poor and could not find jobs.

Martin wanted to help African American people gain full freedom and civil rights. Martin had read about Mohandas Gandhi, the great leader from India. He dicided that he, too, wanted to use peaceful,nonviolend ways to help people.

In 1954, the United states supreme court ruled that schools could no longer be segregated, or divided, by race. With this important ruling, African Americans bacame very hopeful that they could change society.

Martin and other leaders encouraged people to work together peacefully to win civil rights for evergyone, no matter their race or religion. A black women named rosa parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. She was arrested.

The black citizens of the city were outraged, and they decided to protest. This kind of protest, in which people refuse to participate in something in order to force a change, is called a boycott. It is peaceful means of protest.

Martin became the leader of the Montgomery bus boycott. Soon after that victory, the supreme court ruled that Alabama could no longer segregate riders on buses.

Courageous blacks started to test the unfair laws of segregation.While the blacks sat in their seats, angry whites often pushed or beat them.

But in time, the sit-ins were successful. The next year, a group of black and white Americans called the Freedom Riders rode together on buses through the Southern states.

They wanted to test the new law banning segregation. Finally, the federal goverment in Washington, D.C, sent in 500 u.s troops to put a stop to the violence.

In April 1963, Martin led the famous Birmingham March to stop segregation in the city. The marchers were sprayed with high- pressure fire houses. Many were seriously injured.

More than 3000 African Americans were arrested and jailed. it brought more attention to the need for equal rights for all people.President Kennedy said it was time for all citizens to be free.

More than 250000black and white Americans walked from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. They marched for freedom, rights, and dignity for all people. He shared his dream that one day,

people of all colors would live together peacefully and be free at last from Judgment or mistreatment because of their skin color. The next struggle for blacks was for voting rights. In 1968, Martin planned a Poor People's campaign.

The goal was to get better homes, schools, and jobs for African Americans. He is remembered as a man of peace and a champion of rights and freedom for people of every color.


Posted by Ji woo on September 1, 2015 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)



Racism focuses on the biological differences between humans

and places certain groups below others

through both prejudice and discrimination.

인종차별주의는 생물학적인 차이점에 초점을 맞춘다 사람들 사이에서 그리고 편견과 차별을 통해 특정한 그룹들을 아래에 놓는다.

Rather than acknowledging and celebrating differences,

racism moves to make certain races inferior members of society,

while boosting another race to an elevated status.

오히려 인정하고, 다른 것을 축하하기보다는 확실히 민족적 우월감이 이동한다 인종을 사회에서 열등한다.

Racism is the root cause for many violations of basic human rights,

including violations in education, citizenship, and employment.

A world that views any group of people as inferior

will not give such a group equal access to opportunities.

인종차별주의는 기본 인권에 대한 많은 위반이다. 교육, 시민권, 고용에 관하여 포함한다.

세계는 그룹으로 사람들이 열등한지 보는 것은 주지 않습니다 동등한 기회를.

Xenophobia, the irrational fear of people from other countries,

leads to a lack of connection and understanding for others,

particularly in refugee situations

외국인을 싫어하고. 다른 나라에서 온 비이성적인 두려움, 다른사람에 대한 이해와 연결의 부족, 특별히 난민 상황 안에서

Who do you dislike the most? What is the best thing about that person?

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Who do you dislike the most? What is the best thing about that person?

The person I dislike the most is 장서연 . She is in my class. She says so many bad words and she speaks so roughly. I think she has no good things. She does not do sport, math and other studies. She thinks she is the best and she thinks she looks pretty than the most famous performer. She is kind of mental disabled. But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally found her best thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is good at slanging match. She always wins in slanging match. But that’s the reason why she has no friends. She has only 1 friend, and the only friend got away from her yesterday. I think she is very pitiful even though I hat her.


Essay on Aug 28

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Title: If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

First, I would do everything I wanted. Because I wanted to do many things, but I need to study, so I couldn’t do somethings that I wanted. I will read lots of comic books, eat lots of snacks, and I will make fun of some boys. Because some boys always make fun of me, so I will make fun of some boys. Also I won’t solve the math questions. Now I am doing SSEN math workbook every day, but sometime it is so annoying. Because no one like to solve math workbook.

Second, I will do lots of games. I really like board games, but I don’t have time, so I couldn’t do it. Also I will do computer games. I really like typing game, but I don’t have time to do it. Also I will surprise my teacher and my friends. When I am invisible, than they can’t see me. So I can make ghost sound, or there is no wind and it is very hot, but I will make window open, or make door open. Then everyone will be very goose bumps.

Last, I will surprise my parents. My parents do dual-career, so they come home in 7~8 o’clock. So when I wait and surprise my family, they are very surprised, but very happy. But when I am invisible, they can’t see me, so there is only sound of me, than it will be very fun.

In conclusion, when I become invisible, than I have many things to do.

UNEP Summary

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The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) was established in 1972. UNEP hosts a variety of environmental conventions and deals with environmental issues. As it says in the UNEP’s mandate, UNEP “acts as a catalyst, advocate, educator, and facilitator to promote the wise use and sustainable development of the global environment”. UNEP works to evaluate global, regional, and national environmental issues and trends. UNEP also works to ease the transfer of knowledge and technology for sustainable development and develops environmental facilities for international and national environmental management.

UNEP reports to the United Nations General Assembly as a special UN organ of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The General Assembly elects the UNEP Environment Assembly from the member states. The committee is made of 58 countries that has four years terms of office at a time. UNEP has regular meeting sessions in Nairobi and Kenya every year.






One of the UNEP’s main jobs is for “the sound management of chemicals”. There are over 100,000 different chemicals in use today, and these different functions are important in almost every industry around the world. However, these chemicals needed to serve our lives are contradicting while it is endangering human health and the environment when it is not managed properly. Chemicals can be used safely and helpfully, but the current issue is that the global community faces is the lack of scientific information, regarding to the safety of certain chemicals. While chemical industries have made progress to reduce their

environmental footprint, chemicals are still endangering to the overall health of

humans and the environment. Presently, the fear for the global community is the impact of chemical pollution. Illegal chemical waste will have a negative effect on the environment and humanity.


The main issue facing the global community is how to incorporate proper management methods of chemicals in order to promote a sustainable development agenda. The international community is concerned over whether the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (JPOI) will be achieved by 2020 in order to build this agenda. It is a question that the UN address the issue of chemical and waste management because it extends to a fundamental right for humans and the world we live. The lack of sound management of these chemicals put people and the environment in danger. If the environment does not have a way to thrive sustainably, there will be a lack of access to clean water, food, and sanitation since people are at risk.:)

What if your family forgets your birthday?

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What if your family forgets your birthday?


If my family forgets my birthday, I will scream to my family because it is my birthday, and my family never forgets my birthday because we plan what we will do on my birthday party 2weeks before it is my birthday. My birthday is on July 6th. It is a day before my cousin’s birthday and my birthday is eleven days before my brother’s birthday. That’s three reasons why my family never forgets my birthday.